Affordable parking in Tallinn Airport and Ülemiste City

If you are interested in affordable parking in Tallinn Airport and Ülemiste City, you’re in the right place! The Barking car park managed by Airgate Tallinn is located at Keevise 13a, Tallinn. It is just a 1-2 minute walk from Tallinn Airport or Ülemiste City. Parking here is safe – car park is surrounded with fence and entering-exiting is only available when opening the gate.

Download the Barking appbook a spot and a park conveniently and affordably at Tallinn Airport or Ülemiste City – parking is 30% cheaper for the first three bookings per day!

Keevise 13a is the cheapest car park near Tallinn Airport. 

Parking prices:

  • on working days Mon-Fri 08-18 – 30 min / 0.5 eur (4.5 eur per day / discount price 3.15 eur)
  • on working days Mon-Fri 18-08 – 30 min / 0.3 eur (daily 4.5 eur / discount price 3.15 eur)
  • on weekends Sat-Sun – 30 min / 0.3 eur (4.5 eur per day / discount price 3.15 eur)

Parking prices, daily

  • 2 days – 9 eur / discount price 6.3 eur
  • 3 days – 13,5 eur / discount price 9.45 eur
  • 4 days –  18 eur / discount price 12.6 eur
  • 5 days – 22,5 eur / discount price 15.75 eur
  • 6 days – 27 eur / discount price 18.9 eur
  • 7 days – 31,5 eur / discount price 22.05 eur
  • every additional day +4,5 eur / discount price +3.15 eur

Affordable parking in Tallinn Airport and Ülemiste City

Parking is also possible in the nearby Ülemiste City car parks for 2 hours free of charge but 5-6 euros per day. In the official parking lots of Tallinn Airport, 1 hour of parking costs 3-10 euros and a day 14-15 euros.

Airgate Tallinn office space is located at Sepise 1, being the closest office building and thus a meeting place for Tallinn Airport. The rapidly developing Ülemiste City with its large office buildings, beautiful parks and many eateries is a few minutes walk away. In front of the house there is a tram stop to the city center and a long-distance bus terminal. We offer offices with flexible conditions, meeting and seminar rooms rent and virtual office service.